Genealogy Section Updated

I updated the genealogy section with my current database. This includes the Elder John Strong line for the 1600s through 1800s. (John Strong’s daughter Sarah married Joseph Barnard.) This also includes much of the Henderson line, of Indiana County Pennsylvania and Callaway/Boone Counties, Missouri. Emily Boone, grand-daughter of Daniel Boone, married Judge Henderson, so you’ll parts of the Boone and Callaway lines as well!

  1. #1 by P Burkhardt on April 13, 2014 - 11:45 am

    My 2nd great grand uncle Almon Baker married Huldah Sober – daughter of Jonathan Sober and Mary Garlick. They moved to Illinois along with other Baker relatives. Their child Jonathan E was born and died in 1860. He is buried in the Baker Cemetery on a bluff. Almon was killed in 1862 in the battle of Perryville and is buried in Kentucky. I believe Huldah moved back with her parents after Almon’s death where she died in 1863. This is such a sad story with long distances separating the graves.
    Thank you for putting your genealogy online so I can fill in Huldah’s parentage. Our efforts in genealogy make sure Huldah, Almon and little Jonathan won’t be forgotten.

    P Burkhardt

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